Chapter 1: That Evening

That evening, I fondly remember her face, lit up with smile and happiness. I angled my rear view mirror perfectly not to miss any glimpse of her beautiful face. I usually use both the mirror of my bike for a clearer view but that day someone played with the angle of my right mirror in the parking which usually happens in college when boys have to groom themselves every now and then. It was after covering a small distance that I checked the mirror for a back view and saw her beautiful face instead.

I had never felt like that before, sitting on pillion seat hugging her backpack (“not me”) tightly, her hair tied in a bun with few streaks flowing with the wind, resting her back against the backrest and so contented with the day.

It was love at first sight though it was not the first time I saw her, we have been batch mates for a year. It was only that day that we had our engineering drawing class scheduled late by 6:00 PM. It was winter, it usually becomes dark by this time and public transport were rare, she asked me to drop her to the city bus stop.

After having a glimpse of her face, I couldn’t resist from stealing some more, and adjusted both the mirror to point towards her face, I was concentrating more on her than on the road. That bright yellow suit and dupatta draping her perfectly ⁠⁠⁠sculpted body, her black brown hairs and surma in her eyes, I was already thinking of marrying her someday. Silly that I never noticed her exuberant beauty.

This might seem some story straight out of a movie, but then small town love stories are all filmy. Love doesn’t happen in a day and ends the next day, it is always about souls that get connected and stays for a lifetime.

Coming back to the ride, as I have mentioned earlier I was focusing more on admiring her than the road. In the times when people are glued to their mobile screen, she was enjoying the wind touching her face and untied her hair bun shaking her head to feel the cold breeze. And then the speed breaker happened. I tried my best to avoid the jerk but I was so carried away with her charm that I couldn’t slow down the speed leading to a great leap leaving up both shaken. The next thing I felt was a hit on my helmet and she telling me in her sweet voice to ride carefully. That notorious expression of her and loving gesture were to die for.

I tried riding as slow as possible to spend maximum time with her. It was an 11km ride, we were about to enter the city and I began finding excuses to drop her home but to my disappointment, she turned down all the offers. She came from a middle-class orthodox family, she was afraid if someone from her family saw us together that would land her in trouble.

As we almost reached the bus stop, I could feel those vibrations and vibes inside me. Had it not been my city, I would have hugged her real tight. I dropped her at the bus stop. The frequency of the buses was low so she took a tempo instead (a type of public transport running in few Indian cities, its 8 seater but they usually manage to fill in 10 people).

I tried my level best to convince her to let me drop her home, but she declined every time, might be because she knew my home was close by and she didn’t want to trouble me further. Anyways she took the tempo, got herself seated and waited for it to leave. Meanwhile, I saw a street flower shop and immediately ran to grab a yellow rose for her. Before I could finish paying the florist the tempo started moving slowly and I had to run after it with the rose in hand calling out to stop the tempo while she watching the crazy situation I was in. And yes the florist running after me for the money.

Finally, I managed to give her the flower, she accepted it gracefully and smiled. Well, that one eventful day of my life. The memory of it is still so fresh, feels like it happened yesterday. I don’t want to live this moment again because it will never be that perfect.

The story doesn’t end here fellas, this was only the beginning for a life-long bond and some year of togetherness.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 1: That Evening

    1. prashant sindhu

      sir it looks in first glimpse like this……………but i have a serious doubt that its a freshly cooked thing…………. 😀

  1. prashant sindhu

    who am i, you ask?
    I am made from
    all the people i,ve encountered
    and all the things i have experienced.
    inside, i hold the laughter of my friends,
    the arguments with my parents,
    and sometime warmth from kind strangers.
    insidee, there are stitchings from cracked hearts.
    bitter words from hated arguments,
    some time some lines of music that gets me through,
    and emotions I CANNOT CONVEY.

    I am made from all the people and moments….
    thats what i am their refliction,,,,

    baba…..the journey is more exciting then the destination…
    and looks like u enjoyed some great moments..
    awesome expression i liked the details…..let see where it will land


  2. Bela

    This is quite an interesting one..never knew about this hidden talent 🙂 I’m assuming this to be a real life experience instead of just a story.. 😉

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