Chapter 2: She Still Stay

Fellas sorry for the long delay and yet this delay continues though the chapter is ready. But-but-but for the curious you out there I have something to debug … and soon after the responses you will have your next read out.


Here we are long away.

Knowing not where, another stay.


No one else, who trigger the bell.

I miss u hard, u still stay.


The Room is your and will stay.

It been so long, u still stay.


I wonder how, it went so wrong.

It was so sweet and beaten bound.


I miss u hard, u still stay.

We may pass ways, yet kill the rays.

It’s been so long, u still stay.


The room in mind, is all alike.

The way you left, the broken light.


Kiss my hand, u all the night.

It’s been so long, u still stay.


My broken heart and your stay.

It never be, enough for day.


The memories and your stay.

The beauty inside and u stay.


I kiss the shirt and the perfume stay.

You miss me not, since he betray.


No hugs those tight are hard to find.

I tried to move, yet u stay.


No one so strong to take away.

The room is your and u stay.


My night, my day, all dreams away.

Though u move, yet you stay.


God mention not, it was a play.

We fell in love, then he betray.


Took you long away, left me say,

you still stay.

you still stay..

you still stay…

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2: She Still Stay

  1. prashant sindhu

    yes she stay bro somewhere in heart unknowingly…….
    sometime lonely people are most lucky……because they have no one to loose 🙁

    i got u bhai……so now u are a writer…..he he….
    nice lines baba 🙂

    We fell in love, then he betray. he????????

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