The Wickedly Confusing Highway of Learning


An exercise well executed for past six months and its results.


It was few months back when I thought of performing a ritual of continuous learning, to implement this I added a routine of reading one hour daily. It’s been six months now and not a day when I have read for less than an hour.





It sounds amazing the bags of knowledge I gain the wiser I became, but that was not the case. After four months the level of distraction increased.



It was only last week after a week of patient analysis I realized that I was planting cactus together with flowers in my garden (aka brain). The problem was that I was reading anything I found fascinating from politics to string theory. This changed my garden into a dump-yard filled with boxes of incomplete information lying here and there with no connection to each other piling one over another. Another problem I was was having the huge knowledge of different fields but never implementing any because I was busy gaining new knowledge. I mixed lot different fields and it crossed processing capabilities of my brain.



There are two lessons I learnt during this exercise

  • Read regularly, but do not just read anything. It must be something that improves you and your life. You should be very selective about what you read. Even a single wrong plantation in your garden will be a black mark to the glory of the garden.
  • Use, Implement, Take actions based on the knowledge you gain. Daily actions to cherish your dream with the knowledge you acquire is the only path. Most of us know what to do but a consistent action is what it takes to achieve the dreams.

15 thoughts on “The Wickedly Confusing Highway of Learning

  1. Ankit

    Good that you read a lot, I advise that you read and understand but not read only that’s when you will be able to store in your bin and process the required information stored as & when required. So it is important to understand what you read else you will end up that way you landed up. But also understand that it’s humanely impossible to understand everything but your interest will play a vital role in developing your understanding. So Read what you are interested in. Your conclusion is also drawn on the similar lines.

  2. Pratirup

    I was never into learning bro except reading and watching Lucy Pinder.. :p

    For you, i wish all the success and great future endeavours.. and i like your writing style.. keep up the good work..

    1. Paras Nigam

      I am well aware about your learning habits, it is also one of its kind of learning.
      Thanks Pratirup πŸ™‚

  3. Great writing paras!!!! Learning anything makes you ready for the mass at large… But sticking to one subject brings in the specialization in you…. Both are relevant…. Benefits of neither can be outweighed…!!

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