Chapter 3: The Heat to Meet

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chapter3 (2)

Kisses those deep that you feel the heat,

I am wondering what make that feel,

It was the heat that made that feel.


U wouldn’t be around but stays the feel

The need the need the need.


When that warmth change to heat,

That’s when we meet, we beat, we heat.


The custom so strong the nature so wild

Still we heat we heat we heat.


We had the bond around the heat,

The broken ties the deepening lies,

All those just to die.


We never knew it was so strong,

Broken, but tied with an invisible bond.


Kill the beat but remains the heat

Never we die, in the stealth.


The birth was strong, to live the bond,

We made the life a beautiful jaunt.


It can end but never betray,

We have the heat that will always stay.


Not everyday I write for one,

You might be one who belong to none.


Those stupid words shall make you smile,

For others, it might be a disguise.


You are the one,

To have the ear,

Rest all are no more dear.


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