Chapter 4: The Hormonal Anxiety

“”” Dard bhara dil main itna ki likhte waqt rone ko dil karta hai. “””  That night I didn’t sleep at all. It was the first time in my life I have ever had that feeling. It made me so restless that my sleep hormones switched jobs illuminating the brain with the divine glow of […]

Chapter 3: The Heat to Meet

Recommended Reading LRCID series here… Kisses those deep that you feel the heat, I am wondering what make that feel, It was the heat that made that feel.   U wouldn’t be around but stays the feel The need the need the need.   When that warmth change to heat, That’s when we meet, we […]

Chapter 2: She Still Stay

Fellas sorry for the long delay and yet this delay continues though the chapter is ready. But-but-but for the curious you out there I have something to debug … and soon after the responses you will have your next read out. Here we are long away. Knowing not where, another stay.   No one else, […]

Chapter 1: That Evening

That evening, I fondly remember her face, lit up with smile and happiness. I angled my rear view mirror perfectly not to miss any glimpse of her beautiful face. I usually use both the mirror of my bike for a clearer view but that day someone played with the angle of my right mirror in […]